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In AutoSleep your sleep sessions appear on a simple clock. As you meet your sleep goal, the clock will go from red to green letting you easily see when you achieved your goal. See below how I can track my sleep clockwise around the clock from red, to orange to green which is hitting my sleep goal. Its a great way to understand when you are hitting your goals during your sleep.

Along with the colour of the clock, deep sleep can be identified by the darker blocks, see below the deep sleep cycles during the nights sleep. Anytime you see a gap on the clock, this indicates an awake period, shown below with the arrow.

You can also customise your sleep clock by going into Settings and selecting 'Design Your Clock'.

12hr / 24hr View

The Clock view can be set to a 12 hour view or a 24 hour view. This all depends on your preference for seeing a full day of sleep activity or just the primary sleep session. The toggle can be seen in the top right corner above the clock.

For those using the 12hr view, you can also tap the circle arrow icon in the middle of the clock too easily flip to the subsequent 12 hrs. Tap the icon to flip back again.

Fill your rings by sleeping! There's an exciting new concept in sleep tracking. Sleep Rings. They're the perfect complement to your Watch's Activity Rings. Instead of filling them by moving and standing, you fill them by getting quality sleep.

Learn all about Sleep Rings here.


AutoSleep lets you easily navigate to any day over the past week using a top calendar navigation bar. Each past day is represented as small sleep duration and sleep bank rings. Simply tap on a past day and the Clock will load that information. For access to historical dates greater than a week, refer to the History page.

In the bottom right corner under the clock, a pencil and pad icon is available to tag emojis or record notes to your day. Tap the icon to open the emojis and notes view at the bottom of the screen. Note that emojis and notes are also accessible in the Today view.

By default, a range of standard emojis appear (8 in total), but these can be changed with a 'touch and hold' on any emoji to open the available emoji options to sub in. Once you are happy with the available emojis, you can then tap on one or more which will highlight the selections.

If you wish to record some notes, tap in the notepad area and record some comments about your nights sleep session. Emoji tags and notes can be seen and filtered using the History view.

Refer to Emojis and Notes to learn more.

Seeing too much or too little sleep? What makes AutoSleep truely unique is the advanced calibration you can perform so that AutoSleep learns and understands your sleep data to give you the most accurate results. AutoSleep even learns as you calibrate just like clinical sleep equipment. Its all controlled by the Adjust button just under the clock. Refer to the Calibrate section to see how.

Within the Clock tab is a section on Sleep Session graphs and Sleep Ratings. Refer to the Sleep section for more information.

This is where you can switch to the Apple Sleep Stages mode so that AutoSleep uses the data from the Apple Sleep app. Refer to the Sleep Stages page for more information.

Within the Clock tab is a section on Wellness that shows Readiness, Sleep Fuel Rating, Sleep Bank, Sleep SpO2 and Respiration Rate. Refer to the Wellness section for more information.

Within the Clock tab is a section on Sleep Hygiene that shows Sleep Consistency and Efficiency. Refer to the Sleep Hygiene section for more information.

Quick Launch

A quick launch option allows easy access to our other apps that integrate perfectly with AutoSleep. If you enjoy AutoSleep, these are highly recommended.

Download HeartWatch


If something unexpected happened in your sleep session and you wanted to exclude the data, AutoSleep has an easier exclude toggle that can be used to remove the data from your history. This means it will not impact all your important averages and trends in your history.

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