What Are Widgets?

With iOS 14 and above, you can use widgets on your iPhone screens to keep your favourite AutoSleep information at your fingertips. To learn more about setting up Widgets, refer to the official Apple Widgets page here.

AutoSleep has a collection of small and medium sized widgets on offer. Scroll through the available options and select the one that you think will be the most useful, or even better, use lots in a Smart Stack by dragging your widgets on top of one another so you can scroll between multiple sleep insights. Tapping on any AutoSleep widget will open the app for you.

Sleep Widget

Key Metrics: Sleep Duration and Sleep Bank

The Sleep widget shows your sleep duration and current sleep bank balance. It is ideal as a basic Widget to quickly provide you with information about your time asleep and current sleep credit or deficit. Refer to the Time Asleep page to learn more about these metrics.

Sleep Rings Widget

Key Metrics: Sleep Duration, Quality Sleep, Deep Sleep and Heart Rate

Designed to give you information at a glance across your sleep duration, quality sleep, deep sleep and average heart rate. Each ring is colour keyed to let you know quickly if it's a good result. Refer to Sleep Rings for more information.

Readiness Widget

Key Metrics: Heart Rate Variability (HRV) and Waking Pulse

Readiness is an indication of your physical and mental stress, with each metric showing the current value and any changes to your baselines. AutoSleep uses an advanced formula to combine your HRV and Waking Pulse into a simple star rating and an easy to read gauge. Refer to the Readiness page to learn more about this amazing health metric.

Latest Bedtime Widget

Key Metrics: Countdown Time to Bed; Recommended Bedtime; Predicted Wake Time

This is a great widget to keep your sleep bank in credit. At a glance you can see the recommended time to be in bed along with a countdown timer that updates live as the minutes countdown. AutoSleep uses formulas to predict your wake time based on your sleep patterns, this is also shown on the widget. Refer to the Latest Bedtime page to learn more about keeping your sleep bank under control and setting up reminders before bedtime.

Sleep SpO2 Widget

Key Metrics: Sleep SpO2 Average; Sleep SpO2 Average Change %; Sleep SpO2 Minimum and Maximum

For those users with an Apple Watch Series 6 we highly recommend measuring your blood oxygen while you sleep. At a glance you can see the recent blood oxygen average from your last sleep, along with the lowest and highest measures. On the medium sized widget, the white gauge needle shows your average from all the measurements of SpO2 during sleep. The blue range behind the gauge needle indicates the minimum and maximum measurements captured during the sleep session. The outer inlay represents your 7 day averages, with a black mark showing the 7 day average, and the range showing the 7 day minimum and maximum averages.

Refer to the Sleep SpO2 page to learn more about monitoring your blood oxygen levels during sleep.

Sleep Fuel Widget

Key Metrics: Sleeping Average Heart Rate; Sleeping HRV; Sleeping Heart Rate Baseline Change; Sleeping HRV Baseline Change

This helps determine the quality of the sleep fuel. The higher the needle gauge, the better sleep fuel you are putting into your mind and body.

Refer to the Sleep Fuel page to learn more.

Quartet Widget (Compact Style)

Key Metrics: Sleep & Sleep Bank (top left), Sleep Rings (top right), Sleep Fuel (bottom left) and Readiness (bottom right).

A highly dense widget that lets you see a variety of information in 4 mini quarters. Great for seeing all the key vitals at wake up but not taking up too much real estate on your iPhone. Refer to the Today tab if you need to see more information on any of these mini gauges.

Respiration Duo Widget (Compact Style)

Key Metrics: SpO2 (left) and Respiration Rate (right)

Great for users with a specific focus on their respiration and blood oxygen during sleeping, this compacts in the 2 key metrics in the one widget. Refer to the Today tab if you need to see more information on any of these mini gauges.

Today View - AutoSleep & Lights Out Widget

Apple have removed the ability to have a widget when force pressing an icon in iOS 14, but the good news is that the Lights Off widget can still be used on iOS 14.2 or higher by adding to the Apple Today screen. Refer to the Lights Off page for information on setting up the Lights Off widget. It is convenient for users who prefer to use the iPhone for Lights Off rather than using the Watch app.

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