AutoSleep Version 6.8

One of the rare apps still subscription free and everything included as we continue to put customers first for over 6 years and counting.

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Sleep Fuel Rating

  • Brand new Sleep Fuel Rating tile added to Today tab. Just like the fuel you put in your car, better sleep fuel can benefit both performance and efficiency

  • Rating descriptions give context to the value, in order of quality: Poor; Regular; Plus; Premium; Jet Fuel

  • Added Sleep Fuel quality cell to Clock tab

  • Added detail screen for sleep fuel quality from clock wellness cell

  • More information available on the Sleep Fuel page.

Sleep Consistency

  • Added a new Sleep Consistency tile to the Today tab. By default it is showing your previous 7 day average as at today versus the preceding 7 day average.

  • If you would prefer to track just the last nights sleep consistency against your previous 7 day average, we have added a new switch to let you change this. Just go into Settings, Advanced Options and scroll till you find 'Sleep Consistency, Last bedtime' and enable the switch. This will change the Today Sleep Consistency gauge to show last bedtime versus trailing 7 night average.

  • Lots more information about the different views plus how to setup, refer to the Sleep Consistency page.

New Widgets

  • Added 2 new compact style highly dense widgets:

    1. Quartet which shows Sleep & Sleep Bank (top left), Sleep Rings (top right), Sleep Fuel (bottom left) and Readiness (bottom right).

    2. Respiration Duo which shows SpO2 (left) and respiration rate (right).

  • New widgets have been added for Sleep Fuel Rating. Available is a small widget and medium widget.

  • More information on setting up can be found on the Widgets page.


  • Changed readiness from a star rating to descriptive text. Options include: Low; Ok; Good; Great; Optimal.

  • Note this change is system wide, this includes the clock, detail screen, shortcuts, today, widgets etc.

  • We find the descriptive text provides easier context, however if some people are missing the stars, we added an option for users to set readiness back to stars. Just go into Settings, Advanced Options and scroll down to the 'Show Stars' switch. Turning on will show the stars again.

  • Full details can be found on the Readiness page.

Revised Graphs

  • Modified detailed graphs for Sleep Consistency, Sleep SpO2, Respiration Rate for better clarity and to highlight day based results.

  • The trend views for Sleep Consistency, SpO2 and Resp Rate pop more in dark mode.

  • New yellow bars let you easily compare the current day to previous weeks. For example, if today was Tuesday the yellow bars will highlight Tuesday today, the Tuesday 7 days ago, the Tuesday 14 days ago and the Tuesday 21 days ago. See below:

Revised Colours

  • Revised colour usage for Sleep Fuel, Readiness, Sleep SpO2, Respiration Rate, Sleep Consistency on tiles and throughout all graphs and labels. See below, we think it makes an amazing difference:

HomeKit Support

  • AutoSleep now supports HomeKit, which has been a popular request.

  • Quite a bit in this one, so please refer to the HomeKit page for all the information on setting up this great feature!

Trend Explorer

  • Added sleeping HRV, sleeping HRV baseline and sleep HRV CV to trend explorers. See below example.

  • Explore is more aimed at those users who crave more data analysis, so refer to the Explore page for more information.

Today Tab

  • New title on the Today tab that now shows the sleep duration and sleep efficiency. Note the nice colour effect that aligns with your sleep duration goal.

Morning Briefing

  • One of the most popular workflows we heard from users was that "when we wake we view our sleep insights in AutoSleep and then go into HeartWatch to read the Morning Briefing". So by popular demand we now have a quick link to our popular HeartWatch app, showing the Morning Briefing at the bottom of the Today tab.

  • This will provide users who do not have HeartWatch a quick sample using their actual health data, or for users who already own the HeartWatch app this will navigate directly to the Morning Briefing. Tap on the Morning Briefing and it will display the sample to read all about your sleeping heart insights in a news like story panel format. It's a great way to understand your trends.

  • For existing heartWatch users, make sure that you on the latest version to enable the direct opening link.

  • You can read all about the HeartWatch Morning Briefing here.

Smart Alarm

  • Improved performance and reliability

  • Changed smart alarm so that it is no longer de-activates when unlocking iPhone. It will now only be turned off by user facing action in the Watch app.


  • Added sleeping HRV to the Export files


  • Added a shortcut for Sleep Fuel Rating

  • Added text rating to dictionary for Sleep Fuel & Readiness


  • Made some adjustments under the hood for even better performance in load times


  • New Learn How & Show Trends links are now in Today detail screens for SpO2, Respiration Rate, Sleep Fuel Rating & Readiness

  • General formatting and text layout updates in the Today detail screens

  • Various minor fixes and cosmetic updates

AutoSleep Version 6.7.4

  • Support for new Apple Watch Series 7 face sizes, 41mm and 45mm

  • Added a new setting to hide the small graphs below the sleep session graph. This can be accessed by going into Settings - Advanced options - 'Hide micro graphs'. This was requested by some users that have older watches and older iPhone where it may be taking up space that is not utilised

  • Fixed a bug with layout of German language in SpO2 & Respiration Rate Details display

  • Chinese support website has been fully optimised

  • Various translation updates

  • Minor maintenance and fixes

AutoSleep Version 6.7.3

  • Support for custom palette change in Shortcuts & Widgets

  • If no micrographs are selected in sleep session graph then auto select heart rate, to assist some users not discovering that you can add the micrograph to the main sleep graph

  • Various minor maintenance and fixes

AutoSleep Version 6.7.2

  • Fixes a problem with smart alarm scheduling

  • Added curved graph option for the Sleep Session Viewer. To enable go into Settings - Advanced Options and enable the 'Curved Lines' to apply. See below the curved lines will now apply in the Sleep Viewer Graph

AutoSleep Version 6.7.1

  • Localisation improvements

  • Support for users on the older iOS 12

  • Minor maintenance

AutoSleep Version 6.7

Respiration Rate (requires WatchOS 8)

  • Added respiration rate while sleeping to health data

  • Added new respiration rate to Today tile, Shortcuts, Widget, Clock tab and trend view

  • Today view shown as Breathes Per Minute (BrPM), with range, averages and current measures - see image below

  • Added respiration rate to Explorer view

  • Refer to Respiration Rate page for more information, including the setup steps required.

Note that the Apple Watch will only measure respiration rate when you turn on sleep mode in WatchOS 8. Click here to see the setup instructions.

Sleep Session Graph

  • Overhaul of the sleep session viewer for improved use - see image below

  • Added respiration rate to sleep session viewer and associated metrics

  • Changed some presentation for bpm due to increased heart rate frequency capture in WatchOS 8

  • Added graph options check box buttons to allow users to turn on/off metrics for heart rate bpm, noise dB, respiration and SpO2. Tap on each button to enable or disable

  • Added info message if metric is not captured with link for how to setup

  • Refer to Sleep page for more information on the upgraded graph functionality

Sleep Session Graph - Micro View

  • Added heart rate and respiration to 15 minute micro view pop-up graph

  • Added average lines for heart rate and respiration rate on the micro graph. Touch and swipe your finger from left to right on the graph, such a fascinating representation of data now

  • Graph option check box buttons also determine what is shown in micro views

  • Refer to Sleep page for more information on the micro view

Tonight's Bedtime Optimisations

  • Changed Latest Bedtime to Tonight's Bedtime, less confusing

  • Minimum Sleep - added minimum sleep which is the minimum amount of hours sleep that you need to feel refreshed. This is used when you are in sleep credit

  • Maximum Sleep - added maximum sleep which is the maximum amount of sleep that you feel you are capable of when in sleep debt

  • Wake Time - this lets you choose between automatic most likely wake time or a fixed wake time for each day (very popular request). This has the benefit of letting you correct bad habits and also cater for holiday periods, etc. A fixed time can also be used to set the smart alarm time

  • Refer to Tonight's Bedtime for more information

Scheduled Alarms

  • Integrated scheduled wake times into smart alarm on Watch. It will populate the time and automatically activate the smart alarm based on the next schedule wake time. This has been a popular request to allow a weekly schedule of alarm times, but offer flexibility to the vast amount of different scenarios with wake times, such as the ability to skip just the next scheduled alarm.

  • Added Auto Scheduled menu into Smart Alarm section on Watch

  • Refer to Smart Alarm for more information


  • Changed shortcuts to output a dictionary field instead of using the clipboard

  • Tidied up dictionary instructions to replace clipboard references


  • You can now export more than 12 weeks in one file (popular request)

  • Respiratory rate measures added to exports

  • Respiratory rate now included in Actigraphy export

iOS 15 / WatchOS 8

  • Compiled and tested for new updates

  • Updates to sleep detection to better support WatchOS 8

  • Support for new background health data processing in iOS 15


  • Minor bug fixes and maintenance

  • Various cosmetic updates

AutoSleep Version 6.5.3

Bug Fixes

General maintenance applied and some fixes for obscure bugs that could cause a crash

Diagnostic Information (Used for Support Information)

Additional diagnostic information used in troubleshooting to better assist our users, including:

  • Dropped heart rate support

  • Indicator to show dropped heart rate problems

  • Error report support

  • No watch support

New Chinese Specific Help Site

Web links all updated with the new Chinese site

AutoSleep Version 6.5.2

New option for readiness heart rate variability

A new option in Settings under Advanced Options to allow users the ability to only use the waking HRV measurement for Readiness, as opposed to using the automated best sleeping HRV or waking HRV reading. Switching this toggle on means you need to do a breathe session to capture a HRV measurement as part of your Readiness score.

Subtle updates to clock design ring mode

Updated the Design your clock "Ring" mode to be clearer with more subtle colour as it could be hard to see when it was similar to some of the traffic light colours. This can be found in the Settings menu under the Appearance section.

Changed calibrate & adjust icon to a button

Updated the adjust image in the Clock tab to an Adjust button to make it clearer for users. Made the HELP button much bigger and brighter when it shows in the Clock. Also added information about Day/Edit feature on the Adjust screen with additional information.

Apple Mail App

For users who deleted Apples Mail app, the support email now has a fallback

Support for new devices

Support for iPhone mini & iPhone 12 in zoom mode

New language added

Language support for Chinese Traditional has been added

Today tab fix

Fixed the problem where the Today tab bar icon could have an incorrect date

Other minor maintenance and fixes

HeartWatch V4.0.5 (Full AutoSleep Integration)

AutoSleep automatically works with HeartWatch, our premier heart, activity, workouts and GPS monitoring app. AutoSleep is fully integrated, delivering more metrics to HeartWatch to let you delve deeper and see trends across not only your sleep, but your complete wellness. Like AutoSleep its subscription free, a low one-time only cost and you get it for life!

Download the HeartWatch app.

AutoSleep Version 6.5.1


A whole new range of Widgets are now available for AutoSleep, up to 10 new widgets in total to choose from. More information on these can be found in the Widgets page.

Blood Oxygen SpO2 Tracking

With Apple Watch Series 6, blood oxygen (SpO2) can now be measured and displayed in the Sleep graph. It's important to ensure all 3 switches are turned on in the Apple Watch settings app (black icon with image of a Watch) in the Blood Oxygen section, including 'Allow Background Measurements' (see image below). This allows blood oxygen measurements while you sleep.

Also ensure that the health permission for Oxygen Saturation has been turned on. To check, go into iPhone Settings, Privacy, Health, AutoSleep and make sure that Oxygen Saturation is turned on.

Refer to the Sleep SpO2 for more instructions on using this new feature.

Today View Sleep SpO2 Tile

The Today view now shows a new Sleep SpO2 tile if you are capturing sleep blood oxygen measurements. This is our favourite tile yet, as it contains so much information about your SpO2 in the one gauge. The Sleep SpO2 page has additional information.

New SpO2 Sleep Analysis and Report

A comprehensive sleep SpO2 analysis view with moving averages and compares. Touch the graph for pop-up details on your nightly SpO2 average, high, low and 7 day average.

Refer to the Sleep SpO2 for more instructions on using this new feature.

Sleep Graph Legend Pop-Up

Tap on the Sleep graph to see a new fancy pop-up display showing your heart rate (bpm), noise levels (dB) and blood oxygen % (SpO2). Touch and slide your finger to see the measurements update.

Sleep Graph on Clock Tab

Due to popular demand, added the sleep graph onto the Clock tab for extra reference. Its located in the Sleep section.

SpO2 Export

Blood oxygen measurements have been added to Exports

New User Guide Links

Settings now contains a link to a detailed User Guide explaining all the functions of AutoSleep. This can be found in the Settings tab.

There is also a brand new Quick Guide for new users to learn the essentials, also found in the Settings tab. If you see anything you would like more information on, then please contact us and we can continue to build on this great resource for our users.

Bugs & Fixes

Various maintenance performed. A bug fix for a health data conflict was included in the 6.5.1 update.

*Note those who were impacted by the iOS14 update and missing some health data across a range of apps (we estimated it impacted 10% of users), Apple have officially released a fix in the iOS 14.2 update. We suggest those impacted to update to iOS 14.2.

AutoSleep Version 6.4 (Previous Version)

Charge Reminder

One of the most common questions is "When do I charge my Watch if I am to use it for sleep tracking?".

So this AutoSleep update lets you a set a reminder at the most convenient time of the day. For most people this is in the evening.

It pops up and shows your current battery level and a recommendation if you need to charge the Watch. You can either Snooze it for 10,30 or 60 minutes if not convenient or, you press Doing it Now. This will then send a reminder to your iPhone in an hour's time to put the Watch back on.

Native Watch smart alarm

For WatchOS 6 and higher, AutoSleep now has a native Apple Watch Smart Alarm. It even works in flight mode.

You can either get it to wake you up early within a time window if you are in light or medium sleep or, it also has a unique "arousal" mode.

What this will do is either tickle or nudge you with haptics one time per minute within your designated wake up window. e.g. 7:20am to 7:30am.

It gently taps you on your wrist to take you out of deeper sleep so that you wake feeling much less shellshocked by your alarm. You often don't even feel it until the 3rd or 4th minute. By the time your alarm goes off, you are ready for it. It's very cool and we much prefer it to the more traditional "going off early" smart alarm as you get to snooze more organically.

Support for the old timer

There were some changes in iOS 13 that prevented use of the AutoSleep Watch app on the old 2015 model Apple Watch. We've worked around this by provided an option at install time that will enable the old timer to be used.

If you are affected by this, if you delete the iPhone app and re-install it, you will now have an option to support the older Watch. When deleting the iPhone app, you will receive two system prompts. The first one is about deleting the app and local data. Say yes to this. The second one is about keeping history in Apple Health. Make sure you answer Keep for this one.

Large modular complication

The large modular Infograph & large modular complications are a great central point for your sleeping Watch face.

In case you didn't know you can swipe between watch faces really quickly which makes it a great way to set up a day face and a sleeping face.

When you use lights off, the sleep metrics on this complication update live as you sleep. They show your percentage of sleep goal & quality goal achieved as well as you average heart rate.

Watch Info

On the Watch app, in the info section at the bottom of the menu you will now see lights off time and sleep start and end times.

Readiness Colours

Changed colours on readiness gauge to better reflect that is not bad to be in the middle, this is normal.

Bedtime Calculation

Changed the latest bedtime calculation to require a minimum of 75% of your sleep goal when forecasting the latest time to go to bed.

Deep Sleep Reporting

Added a new setting in advanced settings to allow zero deep sleep to be considered in trend reporting.

Clock Display Fix

Fixed 12 hour clock display for people with a night hour of midnight with 24 hour regional time setting.

Colours Fix

Fixed some text colours which were not clear when system light mode was selected but app used in dark mode.

Sleep Ring Fix

Fixed outer sleep ring on Watch rings complication for people that do not wear the Watch to bed.

Conditions Fix

Fixed a problem where the iPhone app could crash in the background under some conditions.

Date Fix

Fixed a problem where the Today icon could have the wrong date on it.

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