We have some serious data munchers as customers, hence some pages in AutoSleep offer an option to explore trends for up to 12 weeks prior. This is available whenever you see the term 'Explore', found in the Time Asleep, Readiness, Quality Sleep, Heart Rate Dip, Deep Sleep and Sleep SpO2 pages (see below the Explore show menu). The trend explorer is geared more towards people that have a love of diving into all aspects of their data.

Using Explore

It lets you compare and contrast two graphs at a time.

  1. You can touch the upper graph heading to choose a different graph.

  2. You can do the same with the lower graph.

  3. You can swipe a graph to flick to another graph.

  4. You can slide your finger along the date legend to compare readings at a point in time.

Choosing 1 or 2 above will present you with a list of all available graphs

  • Baseline Graphs highlight your moving seven day average. This helps you identify trends. This moving seven day average also shows greyed on the daily graphs.

  • The solid, straight baseline on every graph is your 28 day average for the selected metric.

  • CV stands for co-efficient of variation. This can help you highlight periods of higher variation in HRV & Waking heart rate which may help you identify and address why this is happening.

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