Sleep Fuel

  • Sleep is a source of “fuel” for your brain, body and wellbeing, but sleeping re-fuels at different qualities depending on variables in your lifestyle like work, exercising, nutrition, etc.

  • Using your sleeping Heart Rate Variability (HRV) and sleeping heartrate we can assign a rating to this sleep fuel after each night. It is very much like the fuel you put in your car, if its premium fuel it is more efficient, if it is regular then you get less benefit, so we use these classification types to help educate users understand the quality of their sleep.

  • Rating descriptions give context to the value, in order of quality: Poor; Regular; Plus; Premium; Jet Fuel

  • The value of HRV (Heart Rate Variability) is when it is measured under controlled like for like conditions, such as sleeping or waking. Sleep Fuel will look at your average HRV during sleep. This then lets AutoSleep compare your HRV during sleep to a base figure again under controlled conditions. This assists in determining the restorative qualities of your sleep.

  • Keep in mind that sleep fuel is focused on quality, not duration. It is a key indicator to better understand the quality of your sleep, for example you may have only 4 hours sleep duration and a premium sleep fuel rating, but another night you may have 8 hours duration and a poor sleep fuel rating.

  • On the Today tab, we have aligned Sleep Fuel and Readiness next to other. This is no coincidence, they are amazing metrics when both used together. A nice way to use it is Readiness gives you a great indication of how you’ll feel, while Sleep Fuel quality gives a good indication as for how long.

Sleep Fuel Details

On the Today view, tap on the Sleep Fuel tile to view more details and trends. This will display the current values and differences to your baselines.

Tap on the HRV or BPM links to open your trends over a period of time. Notice the y-axis lists the descriptive names for the sleep fuel rating (eg. premium), but you can tap any part of the graph to display a pop-up box with additional information for that day. We also recommend running your finger along the graph as a great way to follow any trends.

Sleep Fuel has been designed to work perfectly with Siri. Refer to the Siri page for more information.

The Apple shortcuts app is an amazingly powerful way to build your own shortcuts. AutoSleep is supported by dictionaries of all the key sleep data. Refer to the Shortcuts page for more information.

Sleep Fuel has been built into a widget that you can setup on your iPhone. Refer to the Widgets page for more information.

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