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Quick Guide - new to AutoSleep or looking for a refresher? Proceed directly to the Quick Start Guide to learn some of the essentials

Widgets - looking to setup some fantastic AutoSleep widgets on your iPhone, then this is the spot

Apple Sleep Integration - learn how to use AutoSleep with the Apple Sleep app

HomeKit - instructions on setting up and using the Apple HealthKit with AutoSleep, like automatically turning off the lamp when you tap 'lights off'

Today - this page explains the Today tab, which is a simple way of seeing everything at a glance through the display of tiles, including:

  • Time Asleep - your sleep duration and sleep bank balance

  • Sleep Rating - a consolidate 4 ring graphic showing different parts of your sleep

  • Sleep SpO2 - your blood oxygen measurements while sleeping

  • Respiration Rate - track your breaths per minute while you sleep

  • Sleep Fuel - measure the quality and efficiency of your sleep

  • Tonight's Bedtime - show's your latest bedtime to stay in sleep bank credit, along with scheduling your wake times

  • Readiness - indicates your physical and mental stress

  • Temperature - show's your sleeping wrist temperature and variance to your baseline

  • Sleep Consistency - learn about your time to bed behaviours

  • Lights Off - track the time to fall asleep

  • Sedentary - a snapshot of your daytime heart health

  • Emojis & Notes - learn how to record notes and tags against your sleep sessions

  • Explore - a deep dive into the data analytics of AutoSleep

  • Siri - shows how to implement some time saving voice commands with Siri

  • Shortcuts - shows you how to create your own shortcuts with multiple steps that you can use with AutoSleep

  • Morning Briefing - a look into the insights from our heart focused app, HeartWatch. Read about your health vitals in news story format

Clock - a fantastic view of your key sleep metrics with insights into your wellness, sleep efficiency and consistency. The Clock tab includes information on:

  • Sleep Rings - learn all about filling your rings with quality sleep

  • Calibration - noticed your sleep a little out, learn about the advanced sleep adjust you can perform so that AutoSleep gives you the most accurate results. AutoSleep also learns as you use the Adjust function

  • Sleep - shows information on the insightful sleep session graphs and sleep ratings,

  • Sleep Stages - information on setting up sleep modes, allowing users to switch between AutoSleep and the Apple Sleep Stages data

  • Wellness - learn about your wellness including sleep bank, readiness (HRV and waking pulse) and sleep blood oxygen

  • Sleep Hygiene - understand your sleep consistency and efficiency with these great reports

History - this doubles as a calendar and analytics in one. Learn all about your sleep data and trends with this feature reach display

Day/Edit - if you ever need to edit a sleep session

Watch Use - learn about all the features of using the AutoSleep Watch app

Smart Alarm - learn about the in-built smart alarm that helps you wake up in lighter sleep

Watch Charging - AutoSleep lets you setup reminders to help you with charging your Watch before sleep

Watch Faces - see some different samples of using AutoSleep on your Watch Face

Settings - make sure you have AutoSleep running to perfection within settings, along with amazing customisation options

Appearance Settings - learn how to switch themes, design your clock and even update your colours

Configuration Settings - this explains all the configuration options in AutoSleep such as setting up sleep goals, notification, reminders and even more advanced settings

Exports - if you like exporting your data to save or send to someone, AutoSleep has lots of options

FAQ & Help - all those commonly asked questions, tips and troubleshooting in the one spot

Whats New - read about the key new features in our latest release

Contact Us - we pride ourselves on support, refer here for the best way to contact us. We also appreciate any feedback on this user guide to make it even better

Privacy - we treat the privacy of our customers very seriously, its your health data after all. Refer here for our privacy terms

Other Apps

Links to our other apps designed and built by the creators of AutoSleep:

HeartWatch - our premier health app that integrates beautifully with AutoSleep

AutoWake - next level haptic smart alarm, designed to work perfectly with AutoSleep

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