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The first section called 'Top 10 Most Popular Questions' contains 95% of the most common questions we receive from users, all with steps to solve. Review this list of questions and answers first. For most people it just works 'straight out of the box'. But if you are having a problem or need a bit more info, then you'll find the answers below.

Top 10 Most Popular AutoSleep Questions & Answers

Question #1: My sleep data did not record?

Answer: Your Watch isnโ€™t sending any health data to iPhone, or, the app has no permissions to read it.

Click here to follow the steps to fix this issue.

Question #2: My sleep stopped tracking part way through the night?

Answer: Whatโ€™s happening here is that your Apple Watch Health Data Synch to iPhone is incomplete.

Click here to follow the steps to fix this issue.

Question #3: My sleep doesn't look accurate?

Answer: Easy, just perform a once only calibration using the Adjust/Calibrate option in the Clock tab.

Click here to follow the steps to fix this issue.

Question #4: Why Am I Getting an Error Message?

Answer: Touch where it says Error Help. This will explain what the error is and provide a link to a page that will explain how to fix the problem.

Question #5: How Do I Learn More About AutoSleep?

Answer: Visit our Overview and Quick Start Guide as a first step to understand the basics. Over time you may like to refer to our User Guide which explains all the functionality in detail

Click here for the Overview

Click here for the Quick Start Guide

Click here for the Full User Guide

Question #6: My Smart Alarm Cannot Be Set Or It Turns Itself Off?

Answer: iOS updates can sometimes play havoc to iPhone and Watch connections. This can easily be reset following the steps in the below link.

Click here to follow the steps to fix this issue.

Question #7: I Cannot See My Sleep History Or It Disappeared?

Answer: This is either no write permission or not having background app refresh active.ย 

Click here to follow the steps to fix this issue.

Question #8: Missing Environmental Noise or SpO2 (blood oxygen)

Answer for Noise: If you have a Series 4 or higher Apple Watch and you are not seeing environmental noise.

Refer to the "Why Don't I See Environmental Noise" section in the Specific AutoSleep Questions below for more information.

Answer for SpO2: If you have a Series 6 or higher Apple Watch and you are not seeing SpO2.

Refer to the "No Blood Oxygen SpO2 Data Showing" section in the Specific AutoSleep Questions below for more information. We also have a seperate blood oxygen page that goes through the setup steps:

Click here to follow the steps to fix this SpO2 issue.

Question #9: Do I Need to Use Lights Off?

Answer: No. Everything is automatic, but using Lights Off is great for tracking your time to fall asleep and eliminating false detection for people that lie in bed watching TV in a totally motionless state.

Click here for more information

Question #10: I Work Shifts or Sleep Odd Hours, How Do I Setup?

Answer: This is all handled in your sleep schedule setup. Refer to the Sleep Schedules section in "Specific AutoSleep Questions" below for more information.

If you haven't read the Quick Start Guide of AutoSleep's main features yet, we highly recommend this as a first step for beginners as it explains some of the common setup issues that catch out new Apple Watch owners.

If looking for instructions on how to use specific AutoSleep functions, refer to the User Guide, as it contains a list with links to all the different parts of AutoSleep.

Specific AutoSleep Questions

Sleep Tracking Not Working Since iOS14 Update

If you have updated to iOS 14 / WatchOS 7, there is a known Apple Health bug with the update affecting a number of people. It is caused by a corrupt Health database and will appear as though the Watch was not worn for extended periods even though it was. * Apple released a fix for this. This can be fixed just by updating to iOS 14.2 or above.

Sleep Data Disappeared After AutoSleep 6.5 Update

If you updated to AutoSleep 6.5 and are seeing the screen "stuck" with settings tab greyed, this is caused by a health permission problem affecting some customers. We have just uploaded AutoSleep 6.5.1 to the App Store. Download this update and it will fix the problem. If still having issues, refer to the 'System Error' section below or Contact Us.

Everything is Working But I Cannot See My History

All the history is stored in Apple Health so it can be shared with other apps and is secure and backed up.

Therefore you need to be sure that in iPhone Settings, Privacy, Health, AutoSleep that the app has read and write permissions enabled for sleep.

Also, you may have turned off background app refresh in iPhone setting general.

If you do this, the history wonโ€™t be written unless you go into the app.

You can rebuild history by force/long pressing on an empty day in the history tab. This will show the clock view. If you press edit the history will be re-generated.

How do I Track My Sleep?

If you aren't sure how to track your sleep then refer to the Quick Start guide as a good first step. This section has many handy hints including how to setup your Apple Watch for sleep, capturing sleep data and monitoring your data, plus some great Apple Watch tips.

AutoSleep has two methods of tracking sleep. Either wearing the Watch or not Wearing the Watch. Wearing the Watch is the best method as it will capture information about your sleep quality.

If you do wear your Watch to bed:

  1. Go to Sleep.

  2. Wake up.

The other method is to track the time that you don't wear your Watch as a simple record of sleep.

If you don't wear your Watch to bed:

  1. Put your Watch on charge before you go to sleep.

  2. Sleep.

  3. Put your Watch back on*.

* or touch your iPhone when you wake up then put your Watch on within 30 minutes. You will see the sleep on your clock once you put the Watch back on. Sometimes it may take a few minutes.

Sleep Doesn't Look Right?

If your sleep is not being accurately captured then please refer to the Calibrate section for sleep/wake detection. This gives directions on using the Adjust button in the Clock tab to adjust your sleep and help AutoSleep learn for future sleeps.

Want to Track Time to Fall Asleep?

This is optional, but recommended if you are interested in tracking how long it takes you to fall asleep and the benefits this gives to your sleep efficiency calculations. Click here for how to use lights off.

Can I Use AutoSleep with the Apple Sleep app?

Absolutely. They both work independently of each other. We have setup an Apple Sleep Integration page to answer all the common questions.

Watch App Display

You can use the Watch app to display "live" sleep updates and other details. Here's some info about using the Watch app.

Do I Need to Start and Stop my Sleep Tracking?

No. You do not need to press any buttons at all to track your sleep.

If you wear the Watch when sleeping and you want to optionally track the time that it takes you to fall asleep, then there is a "lights off" button on the Watch and also on the iPhone app. You can learn more about that on this page.

Need to Manually Edit?

You shouldn't need to use this, but there might be some rare occasions when you need to edit your sleep. First we always recommend using the Calibrate function, but for more detailed edits you can use the Day/Edit function.

Exclude a Day from History/Apple Health

If your Watch wasn't being worn or you just want to exclude a day from your history and averages, then you'll find this at the bottom of the clock screen. Refer to the Clock page and scroll to the Exclude section to see how.

How Do I Track Naps?

Any naps thirty minutes or longer will be automatically tracked as sleep.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that if you track your main sleep wearing your Watch then you should also wear your Watch when having a nap. If you do not wear your Watch when tracking your main sleep, then you should also take off your Watch when tracking a nap.

More information on multiple sleep sessions can be seen in the Sleep page.

No Blood Oxygen SpO2 Data Showing

Provided you have an Apple Watch Series 6, Oxygen Saturation in the health permissions needs to be on to see SpO2 in AutoSleep. To check:

  • Go into iPhone Settings, then Privacy, then into Health

  • Find AutoSleep in the list and make sure that Oxygen Saturation is turned on

You also need to ensure that background measurements are enabled to measure SpO2 while sleeping. Refer to the Sleep SpO2 page for instructions.

No HRV captured by Breathe App

Firstly, HRV is not supported in China, Malaysia, South Africa and Turkey due to government regulations. Though it has become very reliable in WatchOS 5.1.2 and up, sometimes the Breathe app can fail to capture HRV.

The two main reasons are:

  1. Your wrist moved too much or the skin contact between Watch and your wrist wasnโ€™t solid for the duration. I tend to lie there with my arms by my side and itโ€™s been very reliable for me.

  2. The Watch needs a quick reboot. To do this, press the reset button and the crown together until you see the .

You can learn all about HRV in the Readiness page.

How do I set my Notifications?

This changed in AutoSleep 6 so you now no longer need to unlock the iPhone to get the notification and it will always be delivered at a set time.

Notifications & reminders are set on the Settings tab now. Refer here to learn about setting up notifications.

Also, on the Today view, on the Todayโ€™s Sleep tile you can set up the Daily Sleep notification.

On the Latest Bedtime you can set up bedtime reminders.

Where is my lovely Sleep Graph?

In AutoSleep 6, select the clock tab, scroll and then touch the sleep session below the clock. Here you will find a much nicer graph. We have explained this graph in the Sleep section on the Clock page.

Why don't I see Environmental Noise?

This feature requires iOS 13 or above and a Series 4 or Series 5 Watch running WatchOS 6.

If you have all that and aren't seeing noise on your sleep session graph then there are two things to check:

  1. Go into the Apple Watch settings app. It has a black icon with a picture of a Watch. Select noise. Turn it on.

  2. If still not working, then go into iPhone Settings, Privacy, Health, AutoSleep and make sure that environmental noise health permission is turned on.

Everything is working but my sleep is wrong

There's an easy way to adjust your sleep detection with the Calibrate function. Here's what to do:

If you get no joy from this, then it is usually

  1. Because your iPhone is reporting itself being moved but you have turned on the setting to say iPhone being moved indicates you are awake. This is also covered in the above link.

  2. You activated lights out after your sleep. This is also covered in the above link.

Sleep Reporting Schedule (Including Shift Workers)

If you are a shift worker or your sleep is being cut off at a strange hour. Firstly, AutoSleep is fully automatic. You don't need to tell it when you go to bed and wake up.

However, what is important is to define the sleep reporting schedule. The purpose of this is to prevent sleep from being split across reporting days.

Night Hour

In the Settings tab, Wizard option, there is a panel called "Night Hour". This doesn't affect sleep detection, it affects sleep attribution. For example, if you set your night hour to 9PM / 21:00 then any sleep detected after this hour will be attributed to the next day. Any sleep before will be attributed to the previous day.

The default setting is 9:00PM to 8:59PM. This works well for most people.

What About Shift Workers?

The trick is to set your Night Hour to an hour that you are always awake regardless of your shift. We find the most common choices for shift workers are 6PM / 18:00 or 7PM / 19:00.

About Time Zones

AutoSleep shows the actual time you went to sleep instead of the adjusted time so you can see the true impact on your body clock.

It doesnโ€™t really make a lot of sense to show an adjusted time, and, if you for example live in Sydney and travel to San Francisco it becomes comical as you arrive there before you left.

A few pilots have asked for a pilot mode that locks it at all times into your home time zone so youโ€™ll always get a true 24 hour representation. This is on the current development schedule.

Why Do I Have to Set My Smart Alarm Each Night?

You must enable the alarm each day at some time on your Watch as this is an Apple operating system requirement of the native Smart Alarm functionality on Apple Watch. It's a very simple process to set, but for those wanting scheduling plus other features, we suggest trying our AutoWake app.

What Happened To My Old Lights Off Widget Before iOS 14?

Apple has removed the ability to have a widget when force pressing an icon in iOS 14. The old lights off widget can still be used on 14.2 or higher by adding to the Apple Today screen. Refer to the Lights Off page for information on setting up the Widget.

Switching from iPhone Tracking to Watch Tracking

If you select the Settings tab (the last button on lower bar in the iPhone app), then choose the Wizard option, on the second panel you will find the sleep method options. Go through the step by step Wizard and this will switch the tracking method. Refer to the Wizard section for more information.

Note: You can switch between these methods, but not on the same day. It is perfectly fine to do this on different days though.

System Error

Error Shows on Clock Tab

If you are seeing System Error on your clock face, you can touch it and AutoSleep will tell you what the problem is and how to fix it. There are two main reasons for errors:

These are either Watch / iPhone Settings Issues:

  1. Is bluetooth turned on? Some people accidentally turn it off. Itโ€™s easy to do.

  2. Are either of the devices in flight mode?

  3. Did the Watch go into low power mode (< 10% battery)?

  4. Do you have a passcode on your Watch? This is required for background heart rate data.

  5. In Passcode in the Apple Watch settings app have you turned on Wrist Detection? This is required for background heart rate.

  6. In Privacy in the Apple Watch settings app, both Heart Rate & Fitness Tracking need to be turned on.

  7. Do you have a prominent wrist tattoo?

  8. Are you wearing a Milanese loop or Stainless Steel band? These have poor skin contact and can prevent the heart rate sensor from working properly.


Apple's iPhone & Watch software gets more complicated all the time and therefore has more scope for possible problems & bugs. This especially common after an iOS or WatchOS update.

You can fix so many problems simply by "turning it off and on".

Power the iPhone and Watch off and on as per these links. i.e. Shut down completely and restart.

That usually fixes it. Otherwise the problem is usually due to health permissions. It may look like you have granted all health permissions but sometimes iOS just decides to ignore this.

To reset Health permissions and iOS and Watch health services and ensure everything works on the watch going forward, please perform these 7 steps. It is important to do all steps in this exact order especially steps 3 & 4 as this restarts the crashed system services on your iPhone and Watch.

  1. Remove the app from your Apple Watch by going into the Apple โ€œWatchโ€ app, on your iPhone scroll down until you find AutoSleep and then remove it.

  2. Go into the iPhone Settings, Privacy, Health. Press AutoSleep and then press all categories off.

  3. Power the iPhone off and on as per this link. (i.e. Shut the iPhone down completely so that it restarts with the on screen).

  4. Power the Watch off and on as per this link.

  5. Go into the iPhone Settings, Privacy, Health. Press AutoSleep and then press all categories on. MAKE SURE THAT ALL SWITCHES ARE TURNED ON.

  6. Now go into AutoSleep iPhone app and this should restore all permissions

  7. Wait 5 minutes and then Install the watch app (using the Apple โ€œWatchโ€ app if required.

Last chance saloon. If you get to here then it means the app has not been correctly installed.

Itโ€™s very important to perform all these steps in the exact order.

***Especially 2 & 3 are these cause crashed OS services to restart.***

  1. Delete the AutoSleep iPhone app. Make sure you keep any data associated with it when it asks though. Note when you delete the app you get questions. The Keep question is the 2nd one.

  2. Power the iPhone off and on. i.e. Completely off and then back on as per this link.

  3. Power the Watch off and on.

  4. Download the AutoSleep iPhone app again.

  5. Start the AutoSleep iPhone app and go through the setup process carefully accepting permissions. MAKE SURE THAT ALL SWITCHES ARE TURNED ON when asked about health permissions.

  6. After about 5 minutes, install the Apple Watch app (if required).

General Questions

Do I Need to Install the Watch App on my Watch?

No. The Watch app is optional. Your Watch will automatically synch all of the required sensor data to your iPhone as part of the WatchOS and iOS operating system services.

However, if you wear the Watch when sleeping, the Watch app is very useful as it will automatically show you your sleep information.

Can I Use More than One Apple Watch?

Yes. You can use multiple Watches. Just make sure that both Watches are on the same WatchOS version and are paired with your iPhone.

Hereโ€™s an explanation of how to set this up.

How Do I Stop My Apple Watch from Waking Me with Notifications?

You can enable Do Not Disturb mode. The best way to do this is to go into your Apple iPhone Settings app, select Do Not Disturb and then enable scheduled Do Not Disturb. This will automatically transfer to your Apple Watch.

You can also control this manually on your Watch by swiping up on the clock face. You will see a button with a crescent moon on it. Pressing this will turn Do Not Disturb on or off. This is all explained with images in the Quick Start page.

How Do I Stop My Apple Watch from Lighting Up During the Night?

If you swipe up on the clock face, you will see a button that has two Greek Theatre masks on it. If you press this it will turn orange and your Watch will no longer light up unless you touch the screen. This is all explained with images in the Quick Start page.

Can I Use Flight Mode / Airplane Mode on my Apple Watch or iPhone?

AutoSleep will still track your sleep if you put your watch into flight mode. The only thing to keep in mind is that the data will not be sent to your iPhone until you turn flight mode off whilst wearing the Watch. This may take a few minutes to complete. You can do this at any time.

Can I Turn Bluetooth Off?

If you wear the Watch to sleep, you can still track sleep without a bluetooth connection to your iPhone. As with flight mode above, you'll need to wear the Watch and have a bluetooth connection between your Watch & iPhone again for it to send all the sleep data to the iPhone.

Can I Turn my iPhone off at Night?

If you wear the Watch to sleep, you can still turn the iPhone off at night. As with flight mode above, you'll need to wear the Watch and have the iPhone turned on again for it to send all the sleep data to the iPhone.

How Do I Stop Bumping into Things When I Wake up and go to the Bathroom?

If you swipe up on the clock face, you'll find a button with picture of a flashlight on it. Touch this and you'll have a handy nightlight. To turn it off press the Digital Crown.

Where is the Watch App?

This is a lovely little bug introduced in iOS 13 and above. If the Watch app isnโ€™t showing in the Apple โ€œWatchโ€ settings app on your iPhone then here's what to do.

You fix this by "turning it off and on".

Power the iPhone and Watch off and on as per these links. i.e. Shut down completely and restart.

The Watch app should now appear in the โ€œWatchโ€ settings app on iPhone so that you can install it to Watch.

Where has my data gone?

If you have updated AutoSleep and are not seeing your history anymore, then this is due to Apple Health permissions. You can fix it with these steps:

  1. Go into the iPhone Settings app on your iPhone. Choose Privacy, Health. Press HeartWatch and then press all categories off.

  2. Power the iPhone off and on as per this link. (i.e. Shut the iPhone down completely so that it restarts with the on screen).

  3. Power the Watch off and on as per this link.

  4. Now in iPhone Settings, Privacy, Health, HeartWatch press all categories on. Make sure that all the switches are turned on.

  5. Now go into HeartWatch iPhone app.

  6. Press the little cog on the top row.

  7. Select Advanced Settings.

  8. Select Rebuild History.

Cannot add Complications?

Sometimes the Watch setting app on iPhone doesn't get informed that there are shiny new complications.

You can resolve by adding them directly on the Watch itself. This instruction is for AutoWake but it's the same for all apps. Click here to learn how.

Why is it draining my Watch battery?

Well, it isn't really. There's an Apple install bug that sometimes doesn't end gracefully and keeps the comms open between your Watch & iPhone and drains your battery.

Itโ€™s very important to perform all these steps in the exact order. Especially 2 & 3 are these cause crashed OS services to restart.

  1. Remove the Watch app (via the Apple โ€œWatchโ€ settings app on your iPhone - black icon with picture of Watch).

  2. Power the iPhone off as per this link. (i.e. Shut the iPhone down completely so that it restarts with the on screen).

  3. Power the Watch off and on as per this link.

  4. After a couple of minutes, install the watch app.

I've got a Shiny New iPhone! How do I keep my data?

Everything is stored in the Apple Health database.

There are two ways to restore this on a new iPhone:

Using iTunes (my preferred method as it is faster and much more reliable)

  1. Once you are happy your old iPhone is up to date and have decided on what you want to carry across to your new iPhone, turn on flight mode on your old iPhone.

  2. Connect to iTunes on your Mac or PC.

  3. Perform a backup, but, make sure that you have turned on the password protection option. As long as you do this, it will save all your encrypted data, such as health data, network settings passwords etc.

  4. When you get your new iPhone, connect to iTunes and restore from the backup of your previous iPhone.

Using iCloud on iOS 11 or higher

If on iOS 11 or higher and you have previously enabled iCloud health synch then you restore your health data by signing into your iCloud account on the new iPhone. Then go into the Apple Health app and youโ€™ll start to see all the data appearing. It can take quite some time for everything to show up. Sometimes a whole day.

If everything fails to show up in the app, then is sometimes due to permissions not being carried across. Usually deleting and re-installing the app solves this. But remember to press Keep on the second message that you get when you delete the app.

Finally. Always unpair the Watch from your old iPhone and set up as a new Watch on your new iPhone. The automatic method Apple provides is not very reliable.

I just updated iOS on my iPhone / WatchOS on my Watch and things stopped working.

The most common problems are updating Watch without updating iPhone, Updating iPhone without Watch, or doing automatic updates. Even doing things properly, there are some Apple Health synch bugs where system services are not correctly started after an update. Step 4 below usually fixes those.

When updating iPhone or Watch, here's what's important.

1. Never, ever do automatic updates. They break things.

2. Always update your iPhone first. This is in iPhone Settings, General, Software Update.

3. Then update your Watch. This is in "Watch" app (black icon with a picture of a Watch on it), General, Software Update.

4. When the update has finished, power both devices off and back on again.

Power the iPhone and Watch off and on as per these links.

i.e. Shut down completely and restart.



In most cases, everything should now be just fine.

If not, then the update may have removed health permissions. Yes, honestly, they do this sometimes. You can resolve that problem below in the respective sections for each app.

Finally, in extremely rare cases, the update can corrupt the Watch's pairing to iPhone. You can solve that problem by unpairing then re-pairing as a NEW WATCH per this link:

Family Sharing has Stopped Working

This one has been a bit more common in iOS 13 and above. Many folk have been able to solve via this method:

If not, then you will need to contact Apple Support as they run the App Store and set up and control family sharing. Here's the link to use to do this: Contact Apple Support

How to I Change Language in the App?

Go into the iPhone Settings app on your iPhone.

Select AutoSleep.

Change Language.

Still Stuck?

Completely stuck or confused?

Please refer to our Contact Us page to see the options to get in touch

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