Sleep Consistency

  • Consistency means time to bed with the intention to sleep. It is a very important metric that helps to monitor behaviours in your bedtime routines. This tile is in plain sight on the Today tab to bring it front of mind.

  • A simple gauge display and needle shows where your sleep consistency is currently at. Ideally you are trying to be in the green, as this is a (+)( - ) 15min window compared to your 7 day average. So using the example in the image below, my 7 day average is 10:10pm, but last night was 43 minutes later at 10:53pm, which has pushed the needle into the orange.

  • It's important to note that sleep consistency is not just focused on late bedtimes, as earlier bedtimes then usual can also impact your sleep. Hence the needle is displayed to show earlier or later sleep consistency

  • There are 2 displays available depending on your preference in monitoring sleep consistency, see the below section for 'Changing the Tile'.

Tip: Being consistent with the times you go to bed and wake up is one of the most important factors in healthy sleep. Your body's sleep/wake cycle is controlled by an 'internal clock' within your brain and many things such as mood, temperature and alertness are synchronised to this clock.

Changing the Sleep Consistency Tile

There are 2 display options for the Sleep Consistency tile: (1) Preceding 7 day vs Preluding 7 day, or (2) Last Night vs Preceding 7 day. We have found both just as effective and you can change back and forth as required. The option to change views can be found in Settings - Advanced Options - Last bedtime

(1) Previous 7 days vs Preceding 7 days

This is the default view which is showing your elapsed 7 day average as at today versus the preceding 7 day average as at today. So it is comparing one week to another but as a rolling week average. This will show the minutes difference in the middle of the gauge.

To better understand, if today's date was 14 March the Sleep Consistency tile would be using these date ranges:

  • The previous 7 days average from 7 to 14 March (and)

  • The preceding 7 days average from 1 to 7 March

Compared to the 'Last bedtime' option detailed below, this is a better view if you are trying to monitor a longer trend rather than individual night to night, as an individual early/late night may not impact too much, but a run of consecutive early/late nights will.

(2) Last Bedtime vs Previous 7 days

Users can change to this view anytime, which will update the tile to show last nights sleep consistency against your elapsed 7 day average, so you can easily see how many mins earlier or later you were last night compared to your 7 day average. This is better if you are more focused on each night to night difference in sleep consistency.

How To Update to Last Bedtime

We have added a new setting to allow this. In AutoAsleep go into the Settings tab, Advanced Options and scroll till you find 'Sleep Consistency, Last bedtime' and enable the switch (see image below).

This will change the Today Sleep Consistency gauge to show last bedtime versus trailing 7 night average (instead of the default last 7 nights average versus previous 7 nights average). See the tile change with "5 mins earlier" in the 7D trend:

Sleep Consistency Details

Tapping the Sleep Consistency tile will take you to the Sleep Consistency Details page, which includes a Consistency Report over the last 4 weeks and 7 day trends. Tap any part of the graph to view a pop-up with more information for that day. The yellow bars help you identify the week to week blocks.

Read more about sleep consistency in the Sleep Hygiene page.

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