Emoji Tags & Notes

In the top right corner of the Today view, a pencil and pad icon is available to tag emojis or record notes to your day. Tap the icon to open the emojis and notes view at the bottom of the screen. Note that emojis and notes are also accessible in the Clock view for today or historical dates.

Using Emojis

By default, a range of standard emojis appear (8 in total), but these can be changed with a 'touch and hold' on any emoji to open the available emoji options to sub in. Once you are happy with the available emojis, you can then tap on one or more which will highlight the selections.

Using Notes

If you wish to record some notes, tap in the notepad area and record some comments about your nights sleep session.

Using Filters

Emoji tags and notes can be seen and filtered using the History view, refer to the History page to learn about analysing your historical data.

An example below shows the date highlighted with a paper-clip where notes are recorded. I can also use the filter icon to only see dates where that emoji was tagged. This is very helpful for understanding various impacts on your sleep.

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