Morning Briefing

  • For existing users of HeartWatch, this will automatically redirect to the Morning Briefing in HeartWatch

  • This provides a sample from our sister app, HeartWatch, for those users who have yet to discover this awesome app! We consistently have users tell us how good AutoSleep and HeartWatch work together, especially the Morning Briefing found in HeartWatch News. So we decided to help users see an example but use their own health and fitness data to make it super relevant.

  • Best viewed after you wake up and the coffee is brewing. It contains all your vital health information in a glance, with a focus on your heart during your sleep and waking. The Morning Briefing also provides a summary of yesterday, so you can quickly understand all your key health information where you finished the day before starting a new one.

  • Tap on the image to drill into the page for a detailed sample using your own data. Remember this is just a snippet of the HeartWatch app, you can get the full version to see loads of health metrics, trends and graphs. It integrates perfectly with AutoSleep.

Tip: for the Move section, if you prefer to see kJ over calories, there is a switch to enable this in the advanced options in settings.

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