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Switch Theme allows you to automatically switch themes based on the active iOS mode, or, to set your preferred mode permanently. Like a change of clothes, AutoSleep gives you the ability to update your theme with a choice of always dark, always light or automatic.

Design Your Clock

You can customise the look of your AutoSleep clock in the settings tab, Design Your Clock option.

By default, the outer ring of the clock shows your sleep session (time in bed) shaded grey. Your clock design can be changed by selecting one of Gauge, Ring or Graph. Try them all to test out the options and see which one you like most. Any gaps represent time awake or in disrupted sleep.

You can change the appearance of the outer ring to one of three types.

  1. Gauge - Using the traffic light pallet, your sleep goes from red to green like a battery gauge so that you can see when you met your sleep goal (remember you can set your goals in the Configure Settings tab, Set Goals option).

  2. Ring - Updated in version 6.5, the "Ring" mode is now much clearer with more subtle colour as it was perviously hard to see when it was similar to some of the traffic light colours. The Ring now shows as grey shades (see image above)

  3. Graph - This option only applies to people that wear their Watch to bed. Your time asleep is shown as a bar graph so that you can see how restless you were and when you were in deeper sleep.

Other Options

You can now see a dashed line on the clock to indicate when you were not wearing your Watch. A grey inner ring to indicate when your iPhone detected motion. For the gauge & ring options, a darker shading to indicate periods of deeper sleep. You can also apply subtle tints to the clock face by tapping on any of the six clock icons.


By default a traffic light colouring range shows in AutoSleep for your goals, for example, red is generally bad and green is good, blue is exceptional. However we have some users with visual impairments who prefer other colours and those who just like to set their own colours. Just tap on the % range that the colour represents and select a new one from the range. Just choose the colour range (e.g. 50% is bad, 100% is good etc.) Then touch the hue that you want to use. When happy, press Save. These colours will be reflected throughout the entire AutoSleep app.

A reset option is available to restore the default colours too.

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