What is Siri

Siri can help you save time by activating voice commands that easily provide you with the information your looking for. AutoSleep has been developed to use Siri for key pieces of information like "hey Siri, whats my latest bedtime" or "hey Siri, hows my sleep rings". Its a great way to easily access the key information regarding your sleep.

To learn more about the general functionality of Siri from the Apple site, click here.

Siri & AutoSleep

Throughout AutoSleep you will see sections called 'Edit in Siri'. These are options where you can allow Siri to record a voice shortcut, so when you say that key word or phrase, Siri will go check AutoSleep and speak the results back to you. For example, we can let Siri help us determine our latest bedtime each day. AutoSleep learns your patterns and sleep style and lets you know the latest bedtime that will let you stay in sleep credit, so anytime I say "hey Siri, bedtime" it will go look in AutoSleep and speak the time I should be in bed.

Using Siri in AutoSleep

When you see the option to setup a Siri shortcut, you first need to save the command word or phrase. This is very easy from within AutoSleep. For example, if I want to setup Siri for my latest bedtime, I tap on the 'Added to Siri' button to edit and save the Siri shortcut. You will see this window:

If you are happy with the current voice command of "bedtime", then just hit Save Shortcut and your done. However you can easily update to something like "latest bedtime" and this will apply this voice command. Its that easy.

As a working example, I can hold my Apple Watch close to my mouth and speak, "hey Siri, latest bedtime". Siri then connect with AutoSleep and speaks the following information displayed on my Watch that I should be in bed by 12.04am:

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