Opening Settings

A little Settings cog can be seen in the bottom right corner on AutoSleep. Tap this to open Settings. Once in Settings, you will see a list of options that assist with the smooth running of your AutoSleep app. Each item will be explained below.


New to AutoSleep or looking to refresh your memory? Then this is the perfect place to start. The Quick Start Guide is setup into a number of sections from getting your Apple Watch correctly setup beforehand, what to do before going to bed, tracking while sleeping and then reviewing all that great sleep information from your Watch and the iPhone app.

Refer to the Quick Guide page for more information.

The User Guide is the reference map for the AutoSleep site. This contains a summary of all the AutoSleep functionality along with links to access the information in more detail.

You can access the User Guide here.

This links you to all the great resources we have setup to help you make the most of AutoSleep. We are constantly updating the Tips & Help site to keep you in the loop all the time.

Refer to the Frequently Asked Questions page to see all the tips and help.

Find out all the latest updates and information on AutoSleep. We keep packing it with popular features as requested by our users. Refer to the dedicated Whats New page for all the current release information.

We have so many great users on AutoSleep and love hearing from you all. We also realise that technology is sometimes a tricky business and things don't go to plan, so feel free to drop a message to our Support if you get stuck. This is the best way to contact us via the app, as it sends some handy information about your setup to help diagnose any issues.

Restore Tips

When you first installed and used AutoSleep, by default a number of helpful tips would appear to help you explore and learn the app. As you use AutoSleep more often these disappear, but we found some users loved them so much that they asked if they can have a restore tips option. See below an example of an AutoSleep pop-up tip:

Replay Intro

A step by step overview that helps you setup all the AutoSleep essentials to get going, this would have appeared when you opened AutoSleep for the first time ever! This option lets you replay the introduction at any time, for example, maybe you haven't used AutoSleep for a month for some unknown reason and want to start over again, well this is a great starting point.

Also remember the Quick Guide page is a great resource for new users.

Refer to the Appearance settings page to see how to:

  • Switch themes

  • Design your clock and even

  • Adjust the AutoSleep goals colour palette

Refer to the Configure settings page to see how to:

  • Use the wizard

  • Set goals

  • Set notifications

  • Bedtime reminders

  • Charge reminders - this has its own dedicated page, refer here for more information

  • Smart alarm - this has its own dedicated page, refer here for more information

  • HomeKit - this has its own dedicated page, refer here for more information

  • Sleep Stages - this has its own dedicated page, refer here for more information

  • Wrist Temperature - this has its own dedicated page, refer here for more information

  • Sleep/wake calibration

  • Additional advanced options - refer here for more information on each option

The trend explorer is geared more towards people that have a love of diving into all aspects of their data.

Refer to the Explore page for more information.

The exports found in settings provide a great option for extracting your data.

Refer to the Exports page for more information on all the Exports available within AutoSleep.


AutoSleep wasn't built in a day! Its a big piece of work under the bonnet so we like to show some appreciation for all those great people who helped us out.

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