Remember to visit our FAQ page as a first port of call, as it contains 95% of answers to support questions here. We've looked through thousands of support emails and these are easily the most common ones all answered. If still stuck, then please contact us with one of the below options.

Contact Us via the iPhone App

We highly recommend sending any support from the link within the AutoSleep app, as it will send us a little bit of extra information to try and diagnose the issue, such as your current iOS version, WatchOS and so on. It is found in Settings and then tapping the 'Have a problem or request' link. See below where to find in Settings:

When you use the above Support request from within the app, we use the diagnostics to automatically provide you with the correct resolution as soon as possible. However we understand that in some cases "all horses don't suit all courses", so if you try this and are still stuck, simply reply to the email and one of our support will contact you directly. Remember to reply to the original support email so that we can see all the useful diagnostic information collected to better assist.

Contact Us via Email

This is not as useful as the above request from within the AutoSleep app, as we do not get the diagnostic information, but as a fall back you can email us by pressing here.

Sleep Research Institutes & Universities

AutoSleep is generally recognised by sleep researchers as one of the most accurate wearable sleep tracking solutions available today. To help sleep research institutes and universities with their sleep research, we have added a 24 hour actigraphy export option. We've benchmarked it against validated medical grade actigraphy devices.

If you are a university or sleep research institution conducting sleep studies and looking to do studies using the Apple Watch, then please get in touch via the above options with the term 'Research' in the Subject.

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