Time Asleep

  • The outer ring shows the total sleep time for the day versus your sleep goal, showing the actual hours and minutes that you slept.

  • Put simply, if your outer ring has completed a full circle or more, it turns green showing you have meet your sleep duration goal. Ensure you have your sleep duration goal setup correctly in Settings under 'Set Goals'.

  • The inner ring shows your sleep bank status. This is a weighted 7 day metric that lets you know if you are in sleep credit or sleep debt. Your sleep bank % can also be viewed on the tile, note that this may be in credit or deficit depending on your sleep bank history

  • More information on Sleep Bank can be found in the Wellness page

Time Asleep Details

On the Today view, tap on the Time Asleep tile to view more details and trends.

Today's Sleep

Tap on the Today's Sleep link to open a graph to see your trends over a longer period of time plus view a Sleep Report that summarises your current sleep session to your averages.

Today's Sleep Graph

The graph shows your last 28 days of sleep duration, with the colour of your line reflecting when you hit your goals, the same used in your sleep ring. A purple line on the graph is a rolling 7 day sleep average, so you can easily monitor your progress against current values. If the purple line is trending up, you are getting more sleep, if it is trending down then you are losing sleep over a 7 day average.

Touch any part of the graph to view a pop-up with more information, or touch and run your finger along the graph to view day to day pop-ups.

Sleep Report

The Sleep Report provides a great snapshot of your current and long term trends:

  • Today - compares your current sleep duration against your averages for that specific day (eg. your Tuesday average), as we sometimes sleep more on weekends or have different commitments during the week. So comparing to a specific day is a very helpful metric.

  • 7 Days - shows a rolling average over the last 7 days, but also compares this to your average of the past 7 days prior. So its a 2 week overview to provide a great forecast of how your weeks sleep duration is comparing to the week previous

  • 28 Days - a longer term view of your sleep over the last 4 weeks. This is particularly useful as it won't be impacted too much by the odd sleep here and there, but rather provide a good indication of your sleep duration over a full month

Sleep Goal

Remember that your sleep goal is not set in stone, it may change as your lifestyle changes. A quick summary shows in the Goals section, with a quick 'change' link to the 'Set Goals' in Settings to be able to update the goal.

The trend explorer is geared more towards people that have a love of diving into all aspects of their data. Refer to the Explore page for more information.

Today's Sleep Bank

Tap on the Sleep Bank link to open a graph to see your trends over a longer period of time plus view a Credit Report that summarises your current sleep bank balance. More information on Sleep Bank can be found in the Wellness page.


You can set the time you would like to receive a notification from AutoSleep, providing a summary of how you slept. Use the +/- icons to elect a time for the notification to send. You can also elect to only send the notification if your iPhone is unlocked by using the 'Wait until iPhone unlocked' toggle. If you wish to turn off the sleep summary notification, just toggle the 'enable notification' switch to off.

Note: Notifications can also found in Settings

Time Asleep has been designed to work perfectly with Siri. Refer to the Siri page for more information.

The Apple shortcuts app is an amazingly powerful way to build your own shortcuts. AutoSleep is supported by dictionaries of all the key sleep data. Refer to the Shortcuts page for more information.

Time Asleep has been built into a widget that you can setup on your iPhone. Refer to the Widgets page for more information.

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