Sleep Rating

  • A consolidated four ring graphic that shows your sleep duration, quality sleep, deep sleep, heart rate average and an easy to read sleep rating score in the middle. This gives an instant snapshot as to how you slept.

  • The Sleep Rating score is between 1 and 100. The higher the number, the better your overall sleep when comparing against your goals.

  • This rating score is also seen on the Clock tab, the Watch app summary and the History tab

Tip - to ensure you get the most accurate sleep rating score, make your goals are setup accurately in the Settings tab by clicking on 'Set Goals'.

Sleep Rating Details

On the Today view, tap on the Sleep Rating tile to view more details and trends.

Tap on any of the metrics below the sleep rings to open more information and see trends.

The Sleep Rating is calculated from your sleep rings. For detailed information about each of your sleep rings, refer to the Sleep Rings page.

Sleep Rating has been designed to work perfectly with Siri. Refer to the Siri page for more information.

The Apple shortcuts app is an amazingly powerful way to build your own shortcuts. AutoSleep is supported by dictionaries of all the key sleep data. Refer to the Shortcuts page for more information.

Sleep Rating has been built into a widget that you can setup on your iPhone. Refer to the Widgets page for more information.

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