Watch Menu and Navigation

The Watch app menu doubles as a quick overview of your sleep as well as a means to dive into other Watch views. Each icon is colour keyed using the AutoSleep colour rating scheme. Swipe with one finger to move up and down the menu or spin the side crown to move. Tap any menu option to view the details.

For WatchOS 6 and higher, AutoSleep has a native Apple Watch Smart Alarm.

Refer to the Smart Alarm page for all the information to setup.


This shows your most recent sleep duration and your current sleep bank status. Credit is represented by an up arrow, Debt by a down arrow. You can tap on Sleep to see a larger display.


This gives information about your sleep rings. The Rings menu item will update based on which sleep mode you are using. For example, in Sleep Analysis mode it will display Quality, Deep Sleep and bpm, while in Sleep Stages mode it will display REM, Deep Stage and bpm. You can tap on Rings to see a larger display.


This menu item will only appear if you are in Sleep Stages mode. It is a condensed graph of the Sleep Stages designed for the Watch. Tapping into this will display a graph of the Sleep Stages with a summary of the stages from the most recent sleep.


A colour keyed icon for your day's readiness. Readiness by default will show as a dscriptive rating, like "Great" or "Low", however this can be changed to a 5 star rating system by going into the AutoSleep Settings on the iPhone, then into Advanced Options and selecting the 'Show stars' switch.

If you have not yet done a "Breathe" session, refer to the Wellness page which provides more information on heart rate variability and todays readiness. A breathe session is performed via the Mindfulness app on your Apple Watch. Once you performa breathe session you can instantly open Readiness on the Watch and the HRV value should show. If a HRV has not been recorded, a '--' symbol will show, but using your waking pulse AutoSleep will still show you your readiness measurement.


A rating based on your sleep ring completion and access to a summary of your sleep. On the menu you will see the sleep rating %, but you can tap on the summary to display the key metrics. The Summary information displayed will depend on which Sleep Mode you are using, as Sleep Stages mode for example will display REM.

Touch the big Lights Off button to tell AutoSleep you are going to sleep. This lets you track time to fall asleep and also then displays the Live Updates view below. Refer to the Lights Off page to learn all about this feature.

For those who use HomeKit to control smart devices around the home, the AutoSleep Watch app allows quick select buttons. Refer to the HomeKit page for all the setup instructions.

Watch Settings

At the bottom of the Watch Menu are some displayed settings, including:

  • Your most recent in bed and awake time, shown next to a half moon icon

  • The most recent connection time that your AutoSleep Watch app synced with your iPhone, shown next to a little iPhone icon

  • A battery charge reminder, that will notify you at the displayed time, shown next to a battery icon

Watch app & iPhone app use

The Watch app will use its own locally captured health data and perform its own sleep calculations up until the iPhone app has been unlocked and had sufficient time to determine your sleep. Once the iPhone app has finished processing, it will update the Watch app with your sleep data.

Live Updates

There are two ways to see live sleep updates.

1. Lights Off Live Update

If using the Lights Off feature then there is a live progress view that has been optimised for night time use. This displays how long you have been in bed, and how much of that time you have been asleep. This is presented as overlapping rings as a percentage of your required hours sleep setting (from the Wizard tab). This view will update whenever you look at the Watch screen. If so inclined, you can also scroll to see the quality sleep, average heart rate and deep sleep progress. Note that if you have HomeKit enabled, you will see extra buttons appear so that you can control HomeKit scenes while in the live screen.

2. Complication Live Update

Whenever you go into the Watch app it will refresh and show your current sleep. If using the InfoGraph complications then the complications will update roughly every 15 minutes so that you can see your sleep ring and sleep bank status (time slept as the outer ring and your current sleep bank balance as the inner ring).

Complications (Watch Faces)

Complications are widget like displays on your Watch face. AutoSleep has an incredible array of complications to suit different Watches and different needs. In case you didn't know you can swipe between watch faces really quickly which makes it a great way to set up a day face and a sleeping face.

Examples of each of the AutoSleep complications seen below.

Refer to the official Apple support page on setting up Complications here.

Large Modular Complication

The large modular Infograph & large modular complications are a great central point for your sleeping Watch face. This is also a great complication is you utilise the Smart Alarm, as it will show the alarm mode and activated time if it set.

When you use lights off, the sleep metrics on this complication update live as you sleep. They show your percentage of sleep goal & quality goal achieved as well as you average heart rate.

Corner Complication

If you have AutoSleep setup in the corner, you can view the % of your goal against your sleep duration along with the duration underneath in hours and minutes.

Bezel Complication

If you have AutoSleep setup in the bezel, you can view the % of your goal against your sleep duration and also your sleep quality. You will also see your average sleeping heart rate for the most recent sleep.

Circular Complication

If you have AutoSleep setup in the circular, you can view 2 rings, the outer is your sleep duration and the inner ring is your sleep bank. Additionally, if you have the Smart Alarm alarm turned on you will see a little bell icon in the middle of the rings.

Native Apple Watch Functions

The Apple Watch contains some in-built apps that AutoSleep uses to provide a complete snapshot of your sleep and wellness. These functions include the breathe app and the blood oxygen app (note blood oxygen is on Apple Watch 6 only).

Breathe App

When a 1 min breathe app session is performed the Apple Watch will record your heart rate variability (HRV). The Breathe function is found in the Mindfulness app that is on every Apple Watch as standard. AutoSleep uses this HRV measurement along with your waking pulse to provide a readiness score for your day. We recommend upon waking, do a 1 minute session using the Breathe app on your Apple Watch. The best way is to set this up as a complication on your sleeping watch face. Here is the official Apple support page on how to use the breathe app.

You can discover more about capturing your HRV and readiness in the Wellness page.

Blood Oxygen App

This only takes 15 seconds to run manually and can be setup to automatically take blood oxygen measurements while you sleep. The blood oxygen app will measure the percentage of oxygen your red blood cells carry from your lungs to the rest of the body. Knowing how well oxygenated your blood is can help you understand your overall health and wellness.

Learn how to setup the background measurements and monitoring blood oxygen in the Sleep SpO2 page.

Wear it Snug

Apple itself explicitly states that the sensors will work โ€œonly if you wear the Watch on the top of your wristโ€. A better fit means better heart rate readings. Therefore, if the Watch is too loose and doesn't stay in place, tighten its band. The band should be snug but comfortable.

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