History Help

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All the history is stored in Apple Health so it can be shared with other apps and is secure and backed up.

Therefore you need to be sure that AutoSleep has read and write permissions enabled for sleep.

1. Go into Apple Health app on iPhone. It has a white icon with a red heart.

2. Select Sharing tab.

3. Scroll down and select Apps.

4. Select AutoSleep.

You can now manage permissions. Make sure all switches are turned ON.

  • Note if on iOS 14 or under, you can find health permissions by going into the iPhone Settings - Privacy - Health - AutoSleep

Also, you may have turned off background app refresh in iPhone setting general. See image below where the toggle needs to be enabled for AutoSleep background app refresh.

If you do this, the history wonโ€™t be written unless you go into the app.

You can rebuild history by force/long pressing on an empty day in the history tab. This will show the clock view. If you press edit the history will be re-generated. See below image showing the force/long press and Edit button to tap.

If you are new to AutoSleep or just beginning, we recommend reviewing the Quick Start Guide, as it contains all the essential setup and workings of AutoSleep to make sure you have the app setup correctly.

The FAQ page contains all the common questions and answers in one place, including the 'Top 10 Most Popular Asked Questions' by all our users.