Smart Alarm Help

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If you are having trouble turning your alarm on or it not going off.

First try this:

1. Go into Apple Watch setting app on iPhone. Black icon with picture of Watch.

2. Select General.

3. Select background app refresh.

4. Turn this off then back on again (see image below).


1. Remove the app from your Apple Watch by going into the Apple โ€œWatchโ€ settings app, on your iPhone scroll down until you find AutoSleep and then remove it (see below images to assist with removing the app)


2. Reboot Watch by pressing and holding the side button and crown together until you see

3. Wait 5 minutes and then Install the watch app (using the Apple โ€œWatchโ€ settings app.)

Set a test alarm for 15 minutes away, the below link shows how to set the alarm:

It should now be ok.

We highly recommend the large modular watch face with AutoSleep as a central complication as a sleeping Watch face.

If still not working:

You can usually fix by unpairing and pairing the Watch again.

Putting on the Watch after Charging or Switching Watches at Bedtime?

Some users now have a dedicated 2nd Apple Watch they wear to bed due to upgrading an older Watch. Or you may have been charging your Watch just before going to bed. This is fine but a couple key things to remember:

  1. The alarm needs to be setup on the Watch you are wearing to bed.

  2. Very important - When swapping Watches or grabbing from a charging station at bedtime, allow a minute or 2 for the Watch to properly sync to the iPhone before setting the alarm. If you strap the Watch on and set the alarm up instantly, the Watch may still be completing all its general background syncs and clearing processes and wipe the alarm process. So just give it a couple minutes with the passcode entered on your wrist before setting the alarm.

If you are new to AutoSleep or just beginning, we recommend reviewing the Quick Start Guide, as it contains all the essential setup and workings of AutoSleep to make sure you have the app setup correctly.

The FAQ page contains all the common questions and answers in one place, including the 'Top 10 Most Popular Asked Questions' by all our users.