System Error 3

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Your Watch isnโ€™t sending any health data to iPhone, or, the app has no permissions to read it.ย 

A) First check the following:ย 

Common Reasons for No Data Synch:

1. Is bluetooth turned on? Some people accidentally turn it off. Itโ€™s easy to do.ย 

2. Are either of the devices in flight mode?

3. Do you have a passcode setup on your Watch? This is required for background heart rate data and will not capture sleep data without it

4. Did the Watch go into low power mode (< 10% battery)? Please be aware that using low power mode on your Apple Watch will turn off background heart measures and blood oxygen readings among other things. So it makes sleep tracking of little use as heart rate is one of the essential health metrics required. This will show an error in AutoSleep when opened if no heart rate data can be collected. Try avoid low power mode before sleeping.

5. In Passcode in the Apple Watch settings app have you turned on Wrist Detection? This is required for background heart rate.ย 

6. In Privacy in the Apple Watch settings app, both Heart Rate & Fitness Tracking need to be turned on.ย 

7. Do you have a prominent wrist tattoo? The ink, pattern and saturation of some tattoos can block light from the sensor, this often prevents the background heart rate sensor from working.

8. Is 'Track Sleep with Apple Watch' turned on? This is an Apple Watch requirement if using Sleep Stages mode and also background measures of SpO2 and Respiration Rate while sleeping. This needs to be on the Watch you wear to bed. Open the Apple Watch settings app (you can find it on your iPhone by looking for a black icon with an image of a Watch). Scroll down and tap into Sleep, you will see a switch to enable called 'Track Sleep with Apple Watch'

9. Are you using Apple's Sleep Schedules? If the 'Use Schedule for Sleep Focus' option is on it will automatically turn off sleep focus to the set times, resulting in missing/incorrect data if using the Apple Sleep Stages mode in AutoSleep.

B) If all the above are ok then:ย 

Reset Permissions

To reset HealthKit permissions and iOS and Watch health services and ensure everything works on the watch going forward, please perform these steps. It is important to do all steps in this exact order especially Step 2 as this restarts the crashed system services on your iPhone and Watch.ย 



4. Now go into AutoSleep iPhone app and this should restore all permissions.

The issue should now be resolved. If however you are still having issues, please reply to the original support email so we can assist.

If you are new to AutoSleep or just beginning, we recommend reviewing the Quick Start Guide, as it contains all the essential setup and workings of AutoSleep to make sure you have the app setup correctly

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